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Benefit Fraud

We need your help - Confidential Online Fraud Referral


If you suspect someone of benefit fraud, please complete as much of this form as you can. Do not worry if you can't answer all of the questions but please give as much information as you know.

Please be reassured that any information you give will be treated in strictest confidence. Although you do not have to give us your name and address you can if you wish. It may assist our enquiries if we can contact you.

If you would prefer to report a suspected benefit fraud by telephone please call our fraud hotline number – 0800 854 183. An answering machine service is available out of office hours to enable you to record details of the suspected fraud and/or leave your name and contact number to enable us to return your call.

Please fill out any relevant fields below, fields in RED are mandatory.


Sustainable School Estate Review Blog

“Our children only get one chance at school education and through the Sustainable School Estate Review (SSER), The Highland Council has been exploring ways of improving the school experience and renewing buildings around Alness and Invergordon. The Council team has already had initial discussions with Parent Councils, Community Councils and Head Teachers over the past two years and we now want everyone to have a say in shaping the future for the towns’ schools. We would encourage our communities to provide feedback in the coming weeks.”

- Councillors Mike Finlayson, Martin Rattray, Maxine Smith and Carolyn Wilson

Tell us your thoughts on the three options detailed below -

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Post Office Ltd Network Change Programme – Highland Consultation

Post Office Ltd (POL) has been directed by the UK Government to close 2,500 Post Offices across the UK to create a sustainable post office network.

Post Office Ltd has now released the Area Plan for Highland for consultation. POL intends to close 29 post offices across Highland. 2 of these will be relocated to other business within the community and 9 will be replaced with outreach services. An additional four new outreach services are to be introduced.

The consultation will run for six weeks and all responses must be received by the 18th February 2008. The Highland Council will consider it’s response to the consultation at a full Council meeting on the 14th February.

The Council wants to encourage communities to respond directly to POL and express their views. Details of how to respond can be found in the documents attached below. People can also express their views on this discussion forum below. Individuals are encouraged to indicate how the closure of their post office will affect them and their community. Comments will be forwarded to POL at the end of the consultation phase.

Number of Topics: 7

Number of Posts: 15

Highland Archaeology Festival - Feedback Form

We would very much like your help in assessing the success of Highland Archaeology Festival. We would be very grateful if you could complete this feedback form for the events you attended. The more detail you can provide the more useful it will be for forward planning, but don’t worry if you can’t complete every section fully - all information will be welcome.

Notice by Creditors

Homelessness etc (Scotland) Act 2003 Section 11

Notice by Creditors of Service of

  • Calling-up Notice/Notice of Default; or
  • Application to Court for a Warrant to Exercise Remedies on Default; or
  • Proceedings to Eject Proprietor.

Under the duties placed on creditors by the above legislation please complete and send this form. The form should be sent at the point proceedings are raised in Court.

Notice by Landlord of Proceedings for Possession

Homelessness etc (Scotland) Act 2003 Section 11

Notice by Landlord of Proceedings for Possession

Under the duties placed on landlords by the above legislation please complete and send this form. The form should be sent at the point proceedings are raised in Court for possession of the property.

Benefits - Report of Change In Circumstances

Please use this form to report any changes in your/your household’s circumstances that you think might affect your Council Tax and/or Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Second Adult Rebate. If you are unsure whether you need to tell us, we recommend that you tell us anyway and we will let you know the outcome. If we require further information we will contact you in writing or by telephone.

For the purposes of this form, Benefit is defined as Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Second Adult Rebate

Help and Advice: For help and advice with the completion of this form, please contact the Council’s Operations Team by telephoning Freephone 0800 393811.

Please fill out any relevant fields below, fields in RED are mandatory.

Draft Values for Highland Council

The things we value affect how we go about our business. Values for the Council would underpin our approach to serving Highland communities. It’s not so much about what we do, but how we do it.

The following values have been drafted in consultation with Council managers. We want to know what you think about these values and how we could demonstrate them.

Please answer the questions below – it won’t take more than a few minutes. Your response will be anonymous, but we do ask you to tell us what service you work in. This would help us to understand how to consult further in your service.

For each of the statements below please tell us if you think it makes sense as a Council value.

Thank you for answering these questions. We’ll post the results here next month

Education Grounds Maintenance Satisfaction Survey

In order for TEC Services to reflect Education service requirements, we need your assistance. Please help by filling out this short survey.

Tell us how important various aspects of the service are to you and what you think of the service we provide by listing the below in order of priority to you..

Your participation is completely voluntary and will help ensure that the Service Level Agreement reflects customer priorities.

Your views are very important to us, and we will endeavour to take into account the results of this survey to bring you the level of service you deserve and expect.

Community Consultation

The Highland Council’s Antisocial Behaviour Policy feedback form

HHR Consultation Questionnaire

Since Highland Housing Register was introduced in May 2008, we’ve been watching the operation and outcomes of the policy to see if it is working the way it was intended.

We’ve identified 6 areas where some change will either improve or clarify what we do and we would like to ask you whether you agree or disagree with the changes we propose. We also attach a comment form for you to give us your views on each of these changes.

1. Care and Support Needs

We have had feedback that this category of housing need may not always have included some people needing to live independently who were not necessarily moving from residential or nursing care.

In response we will extend and clarify eligibility to people from a wide range of settings, includingresidential care or nursing home, hospital and supported accommodation, as well as Throughcare and Aftercare and Kinship Care.

2. Local Connection

We learned from feedback from our staff and applicants that our policy was not very clear about what was meant by the term ‘Zone Connection’.

In response we propose to use the term “Local Connection” and will award an applicant additional priority where they “have established social or family networks in an area or where they otherwise have a need to reside in the area for the following reasons:

  • to accept or maintain employment in the area applied for, or
  • to receive or provide essential care or support in the area applied for.”

We will no longer apply points because someone already lives in an area but has no other need to live there.

3. Poor Housing Condition

We learned from feedback that this category of housing need was complicated and difficult to understand.

In response we will simplify the category to better identify and help people with poor housing conditions in the private sector. We will award priority based on 3 levels of property defects and will provide information and advice on newly introduced rights of private sector tenants and responsibilities for private landlords.

4. Overcrowding

In our previous policy applicants were awarded a different level of points if they were overcrowded because of overnight access to children than if they had children living with them or were pregnant.

We learned that there are quite a small number of applicants with demonstrated occasional access to children. To be more consistent and fair to these applicants we will award the same level of points for overcrowding to people in all these situations.

5. Underoccupancy

We learned from feedback that it can be challenging both financially and practically for some people to move house, and this may deter them from doing so.

In response we want to develop a “downsizing” policy which helps people to move to smaller more suitably sized housing. We want to target this approach in areas of Highland where we have a shortage of family homes.

6. Special Lettings Plans

We’ve learned that some communities which are under a lot of housing pressure sometimes need a special or targeted approach to how new housing provision is allocated to help sustain the community. This is more likely to apply to smaller communities, but may also be where there is a need to regenerate a community which is in decline.

In response we propose to introduce a system where eligible communities can have what is called a Special Lettings Plan to make sure that a minimum target of people with a specific need to live in the particular community have this need recognised in the assessment of their housing need.

The Highland Council DVD

Promotional DVD for The Highland Council.

Budget Consultation

Have your say - Budget Consultation

Thank you for contributing to our Budget Blog and Budget Consultation. The Blog is now closed but all the comments received will be collated and considered by the Council as part of the budget consultation process. You can still read all the comments received on the Blog and if you have any further comments to add you can email these here.

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Disability in the workplace DVD

Disability in the workplace DVD

Strengthening the Highlands Feedback Form

The Strenthening the Highlands newspaper supplement was written to advise you of the Council's priorities and how we perfermed last year. We need to gather opinion on how that information was presented to ensure that we provide the info you want to see. Please take a moment to give us your opinion on the following aspects of our performance report.

If you want to comment on anything else, or have someone gt baqck to you about something, please fill out this form.